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Hey guys, sorry about never posting on this thing...I'm not sure how many people actually read it, but I've been getting kind of lazy as of late. Here are the Vertical World Climbing Team's results from Nationals:

Sidney Trinidad: 1st place Sport, 1st place Speed - 2010 US Team - FYD
Melina Costanza: 2nd place Sport - 2010 US Team - FYD
Emily King: 21st place Sport, 22nd place Speed - FYD
Drew Ruana: 2nd place Sport, 3rd place Speed - 2010 US Team - MYD
Trevin Bench: 25th place Sport, 27th place Speed - MYD
Gavin Robertson: 7th place Sport, 19th place Speed - MYD
Siobhan Duffey: 32nd place Sport, 25th place Speed - FYC
Baptiste Arrouye: 30th place Sport, 32nd place Speed - MYC
Tony Krichevskiy: 23rd place Speed - MYC
Julia Bakun: 16th place Sport - FYB
Kale Perrone: 8th place Sport, 17th place Speed - MYB
Sean Bailey: 5th place Speed - MYA
Audrey Hsu: 7th place Sport, 23rd place Speed - FYA
Grace Baker: 28th place Sport, 17th place Speed - FYA
Shannon Russell: 26th place Sport, 9th place Speed - FYA
Alex Fritz: 5th place Sport, 10th place Speed - 2010 US Team - MYA
Aran Kagen: 23rd place Sport, 21st place Speed - MYA
Chelsea M-Loftland: 11th place Sport - FJR
Elliot Springer: 21st place Speed - MJR

Great job to all the team members who competed at the 2010 SCS Youth National Championships! If you want to see full results, check out the USAC website, under the SCS Nationals page.


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