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This Saturday - December 12th, 2009 - is the ClubSport ABS 11 competition. ClubSport is a big gym, and has held Nationals and Divisionals for SCS and Regionals for ABS in the past. It is a high-end, full-servicing gym (i.e. Basketball courts, swimming pool, every exercise equipment imaginable) that happens to have the tallest walls in the PNW (that holds competitions).

Here is the schedule and registration site:

Just a warning if you haven't been there before: The basketball courts (or anything else) are not open to the public, and you can/will be kicked out if you use them. Kids have had trouble with this in the past, even at the National level.


ALSO! Registration for regionals is now OPEN!

Thanks everyone. Remember: This is the last local competition before Regionals. From now on, it's just straight training. But, many of you think winter break from school also means break from climbing...this is not the case. Try to climb as much as possible over break, it's good to stay in shape over the holidays. Especially with Regionals and Nationals coming up SOON.


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