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This last weekend was the ClubSport competition in Tigard, Oregon. Congratulations to all of the team members who went to the comp. It was a great comp with lots of awesome routes. A huge thanks to Bob Dolan, Molly Beard, and all of the new route setters and volunteers who helped out this weekend!

The results have not been posted on the USAC website yet, but Tyson sent them out. I cannot figure out how to link them on have a look at his email. I'll post a link on Wednesday when they go up.

As of this last weekend, there are no more ABS11 local competitions. From now on, it's straight training until regionals. As Tyson mentioned in his last email, kids have a tendency to not come in during "Winter Break," which is not really ideal for your results at regionals. I highly encourage that since now there are more comps, climb more than usual. 3-4 days a week is really want you want to get the right outcome. Just cause it's Christmas doesn't mean you get a break from climbing..but that doesn't mean to you can't have a wonderful break! :)

The following weeks' schedule is as follows:
Dec21-25th - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. No practice on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Dec28-Jan1 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. No practice on New Years Eve or New Years Day.
However, the gyms are open on Christmas Even and New years Eve until 4:00PM, so you are more than welcome (encouraged) to go climb!

Remember: Regionals is the 2nd week of January. It's coming up faster than you think. Make sure you get registered! You can register here.

(Drew Ruana, flashing the MYD flash problem during the ClubSport comp. Photographer: Emmy Surma)


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