Cierra Graham

Apr 26, 2010 | |

Name: Cierra Graham
Age: 10
Years climbing: 6 months - Competing: 4 comps
Favorite method of climbing: Ropes
Favorite climbing shoes: Evolv Hera
Favorite climbing area: Vertical World Bremerton

AF: Why do you climb?
CG: Because it's fun!
AF: How did you start?
CG: I went rock climbing in New Zealand, and then we [sister] just started at Vertical World Bremerton.
AF: What's it like climbing with your sister?
CG: It's fun with my sister on team!
AF: Who do you think is better?
CG: I don't know. Both!
AF: What are your goals in climbing this season?
CG: To climb a .12d and to get second at least.
AF: What's your favorite part about being on team?
CG: Climbing with friends.
AF: Is there anywhere in the world you want to go climbing?
CG: I want to go back to New Zealand!
AF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
CG: A professional rock climber.

Cierra Graham is a fairly new girl to the Vertical World Climbing Team based out of the Bremerton/Kitsap area. I've only seen her a couple times, along with her sister, but from what I have heard from Ross, they are both excelling really fast. Both of them have already become fast friends with many of the VW team members and other climbers in the PNW. Cierra appears really motivated, but also just likes to have fun. With in 4 months they are already working mid 5.11's, which in my experience is really impressive. That goal of 5.12d will hopefully be reached really soon. Good work Cierra.


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