ABS11 Nationals

Feb 17, 2010 | |

CONGRATS to everyone who competed at the ABS11 Youth National Championships this last weekend in Alexandria, Virginia. I hope you realize how amazing you all did! Your hard work and dedication surely paid off.

Congratulations to:
Drew Ruana - 1st Place MYD - 2010 US Team
Aidan Sleavin - 22nd Place MYD
Sidney Trinidad - 2nd Place FYD - 2010 US Team
Melina Costanza - 3rd Place FYD - 2010 US Team
Shahntae Martinez - 18th Place FYD
Ronya Strom - 28th place FYD
Clara Dixon - 20th Place FYC
Kyle LeGrow - 22nd Place MYB
Sean Bailey - 23rd Place MYB
Elly McClane - 23rd Place FYB
Emma Durand - 32nd Place FYB
Alex Fritz - 2nd Place MYA - 2010 US Team
Sam Wolff - 6th Place MYA
Aran Kagen - 19th Place MYA
Audrey Hsu - 4th Place FYA - 2010 US Team
Shannon Russel - 13th Place FYA
Victoria Cartwright - 3rd Place FJR - 2010 US Team
Chelsea M-Loftland - 13th Place FJR

Also, I am very happy to announce that the Vertical World Climbing Team won the team championships award. It is a great honor to do so and the team is very proud.


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